SEADA Technology Limited is a UK based, world-leading manufacturer of video wall display and Conference technology.

SEADA’s mission is to offer the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers, in video wall controller applications. Working closely with our partners, including distributors and systems integrators, SEADA has systems installed worldwide.

SEADA offers a whole range of video wall controllers for different applications. These include; digital signage, command and control, security, education and many more. SEADA controllers offer the ultimate in flexibility, supporting up to 512 inputs and 144 outputs.

Seada Conference is the new product line Seada have introduced in 2018. Products include technology such as retractable tablets, motorised monitors and portable meeting room systems. Built in microphones & speaker offers the user better communication during the meetings and adjustable monitors and touch screen gives the user a stylish design with flexible components.

SEADA is proud to be located in Birmingham, England, the birthplace of British Engineering. All our products are manufactured and tested at our UK facility. SEADA also offers technical support directly from our R&D team, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.