Government Video Walls and Control Room

Government images and the emergency services should be equipped to deal effectively with any situation. Accurate and up-to-date intelligence is key the effectiveness of the response to a crisis or unusual event. In a fast-moving situation, it is often necessary to gather and display the data from multiple sources such as CCTV, Off-air broadcast, emergency services dispatchers and remote sensors.
SMART LED LCD video walls are used in many emergency operations centers and crisis suites around the world to create a platform where all important information can be displayed. Offering a trusted, effective, reliability and versatile situation response system.

SMART LED LCD video wall solution, designed to operate with 24/7 reliability and high level of security, offering a comprehensive range of display technologies for any installation. SMART LED video walls are widely used in mission-critical applications such as public safety emergency operations centers, transportation management centers, traffic operations centers, tactical operations centers, and security operations centers.