School and Education Video Wall

Quickly rising in popularity, LCD video walls are being installed on higher education campuses across the globe for a myriad of applications. For special announcements, to highlight students, faculty, donors, fundraisers and scholarships, for wayfinding (help getting around campus), menus in the cafeteria, for video classes to follow along with in fitness rooms, and emergency notifications. Schools are actively developing their own content with video, graphics, and feeds from social media sources. Touch-screen interactivity helps schools to engage and foster deeper connections with their visitors.

SMART LED LCD video walls offer a full range of education technology products and services to help make learning more visual, collaborative, and fun. Instructors can use video walls for displaying scientific visualization, computer simulations, 3D geologic data, video conferencing with special speakers, etc., with multiple sources being displayed on the wall at the same time. Students can also use a section of the wall to display collaborative work on their laptops, by connecting their USB-port to one of several wireless routers in the classroom.