Corporate Meeting Or Team Room

Business moves fast and staying ahead of the game requires quick decisions based on the latest information. Business is also about communications – being able to share your vision or point of view with colleagues and customers is a vital function in any corporate environment. Sharing information and ensuring productivity while maintaining ease-of-use, the importance of corporate environments to become more competitive in the digital landscape has never been greater. Corporations need to cultivate an environment that allows for enhanced employee collaboration and can facilitate interaction and collaborative sharing of knowledge. Meetings need to be optimized for productivity and interactivity in support of a free exchange of ideas and opinions.


SMART LED video walls create an incredibly powerful medium, extensive connectivity and content to facilitate interactive meeting environments. Supporting extremely high-quality displays for boardrooms and meeting rooms, enabling meeting participants to view content in stunning detail easily. Backed by simplified operation and content management, our video walls are able to accommodate situations involving manpower limitations, multiple location deployments and operation. The high-end performance makes them perfect for any meeting or team room.