Entertainment Video Wall And Programs

Entertainment and video walls are an excellent combination. Game shows, eSports events, talk shows, music events, and any life or pre-recorded entertainment program all require high-quality broadcast resources for producing content and visualizing game and audience interaction. Using video walls in a creative and entertaining way can catch attention and ignite curiosity in every viewer. LCD video walls are more and more popular used in the pub, KTV, cinema, hotel, net café, club, home theater, and another place.

SMART LED video wall, size of 55”, and 1.7mm/1.8mm/3.5mm bezel would be a wonderful choice to enhance the ambiance. Any patron would enjoy transforming the walls into realistic windows. Video walls easily represent one of the peaks of digital signage applications. Even though they’ve been present for a while now, they can still be used in innovative, entertaining and engaging ways. If your business greatly depends on engagement, there is no better tool than a video wall.